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Mission Statement:

We are a community-based studio for yoga and related mind-body experiences. We believe that yoga is for every body, regardless of age or physical capacity. Our mission is to reach and teach those who would benefit from yoga and provide the opportunity for personal expression on all levels - physical, creative, and artistic.

(907) 474-8108

Heart Stream Yoga has three studios to serve you. Room 206 and 201 at 3550 Airport Way and upstairs from Spaulding Chiropractic at 1221 Noble until August 18. If a class name has Noble in the name, it is at that location. Otherwise it will be in 201 or 206 which are just down the hall from each other at the Airport Way location. With 40+ classes a week, we hope you will find what you are looking for!

Summer is drawing to a close. The cranes are dancing and our world is beginning to change and turn again to yet another season. Our studio, is again ready  and preparing for change. Through twists of fate, (some tragic, some not) some doors have drawn to a close. The propane explosion that seriously wounded our instructors Morganne Armstrong and Colin Campbell, has for the time being, stopped them from teaching at Heart Stream Yoga. Their focus now is to become whole and well again and the door is open for healing and strength to return.

The doors to our Noble Street studio will close, yet our doors will open in a new location at the Hub (the old Tommy's Elbow Room studio space). Our last day of classes at Noble Street is August 18. So while all of this may seem like many doors closing, there is a light, the opening of new doors, seeds to be planted and regrowth and renewal for the years to follow... We will continue to serve you and provide quality and diversified yoga classes in our other studios, suite 201 and 206. Our doors at the Hub will open September 1. The location is prime to serve he downtown area as the feedback was that our location at the Spaulding Chiropractic Clinic was too "far out" of town for that crowd. Classes will begin earlier (5:15pm) to facilitate the needs of our downtown clientele. The space is also conducive to HOT classes and the proximity to the Taphouse and Venue Fairbanks make this a prime spot for after class fun! We will begin painting August 13 and would love to have your help with our community project. Those interested please call Donna 907-978-0915. Moving day will be after August 20.

Lynne Minton Workshop, September 9-11, 2016

Workshop to be held at Heart Stream at the Hub located downtown in the old Tommy’s Elbow Room (410 Second Ave.)

Tuition: $210 (full workshop participation is given preference as space is limited)

Sign up now!  Click here and go to Workshop page.

“To have negative traits is not to be flawed, but to be complete”  Deepak Chopra

This quote reminds us that expressing our authenticity means to embrace all of our ambiguity as human beings.  How many times have we pledged to be kind, stay calm, or get up early and do our practice and then lashed out, stressed out or slept in the very next day?  Being authentic, not perfect, is a quality of self acceptance, of being comfortable in our own skin and often, needing to find the humor when we fall short of self imposed rules and regulations.  Authentic joy fills the space of our inner witness when we are neither attached to our perceived good qualities or repelled by the “bad” ones.   This is often followed by a big belly laugh in recognition of our wholeness. 

In Light On Life, BKS Iyengar’s last book he says, “Humor helps people move away from fragmentation to wholeness, too.  It lightens the mind and makes it easier to guide and focus.”  We can then commit once again to living from the calling of our hearts and the guidance of our conscience.

  • Friday, September 9: 6-8 PM  Self Acceptance: Yoga Sutras,  Restorative Yoga,  Pranayama and Meditation
  • Saturday, September 10: 9:30-12:30   Self Awareness: Yoga sutras,  Asana with a balance pose and core work theme
  • Saturday, September 10: 2:30-4:30   Self Centering: Yoga sutras, Asana with forward bend theme, headstand and shoulderstand,  meditation
  • Sunday, September 11: 9:30-12:30  Self Confidence: Yoga Sutras,  Asana with a backbend and twisting theme

Call 474-8108 for additional information.

Donations are being accepted for Morganne and Colin

in HSY 201!

To offset the expense of medical bills for Morganne and Colin, there have been several fundraising actions set in motion. A Go Fund me account has been set up for Morganne. To contribute to this fund, please follow this link. Also Donna, Taryn, Faiza, and Marsha are donating their wages for the month of August in the following classes:  Monday (8/8, 8/22, 8/29) 5:45pm Ashtanga with Taryn-201: Saturday and Sunday (8/7, 8/20, 8/21) Ashtanga with Faiza-Room 206; Tuesday (8/9, 8/16/ 8/23, 8/29) 5:45pm Beginning Yoga with Marsha-Room 206; Wednesday Noon (8/10, 8/17, 8/24, 8/31)- Easy Vinyasa with Donna- room 201, Thursday (8/11, 8/18, 8/25) 5:45pm Vinyasa Flow w/ Donna- room 201. The move people that join us in the classes the more we donate!

A box will also be set up in room 201 to collect cards and items for these folks and all will be sent to them. Look for other fund raising events later this September such as a Kirtan practice with Jessica Christensen.

We wish to welcome the return of Barbara Leder. She will be subbing classes and making her presence known at Heart Stream Yoga again! She returns from Boston after completing her Massage Therapy training and we look forward to her offering massage  starting in September as well!

 Daralyn Canterbury will also be returning to offer classes. These will begin after the opening of our new space!
Our return to Mind Body after a very brief sojourn to Wellness Living is complete. The convenience of your APP is again viable and useful for checking the schedule, signing in for classes, and checking your account status. We appreciate your patience during this time of experimentation and change. All the accounts have been updated! Your information, including registration, punch cards, and client details, will remain exactly as it was before we experimented with Wellness Living. We look forward to seeing you in the many upcoming yoga classes and at all our favorite hang-outs around town.  

Heart Stream Yoga BBB Business Review


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